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Our ideal stories would feature sword and sorcery on a post-apocalyptic, dying Earth. We want stories with characters like Robert E. Howard's Conan surrounded by ancient, alien machinery he did not understand. We want a wizard character like Gandalf to be sniped by an android assassin before he has time to raise his staff and speak a spell. Now that we got that out of the way...

Science Fantasy Magazine is aimed at presenting select short stories of "science fantasy." We will be trying to feature new authors and artists that can manage the subtle balance of incorporating and blending the elements of science fiction and fantasy to showcase edgy, character driven stories set in worlds that inspire the imagination.

We are looking for stories that Jack Vance and Gene Wolfe might nod at in approval. We are looking for stories that are reminiscent of the feeling of Ralph Bakshi's Wizards, Vaughn Bodé's "Cobalt 60," or Arthur Suydam's “Cholly & Flytrap.” We enjoy the weird fiction milieu of the early 19th century. We love the comic strips in publications like High Times and National Lampoon in the 1970's that married technology and magic.

Hopefully we can grow an audience, an audience for emerging authors and artists who enjoy science fantasy as much as we do. We are looking to showcase dark, edgy, adult, serious (not the same as humorless), and moving stories. We want real attempts at lasting literature.

If you are interested in reading stories like these then check out our fantastic tales. If you are interested in writing stories like this... do it... and send it to us. We would love to give it a home.

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